Traditional approaches to data security, designed to prevent massive data breaches, are based on defensive tools and monitors.

The GBR14 approach is different because we use unique encryption keys for each individual data asset, database record, and access privilege.

Being able to manage cryptographic keys on a massive scale, our technology ensures that successful hacks only gain access to a very minimal subset of a dataset.

Our technology facilitates new and innovative ways of using data, based on the fact that the risks of mass data loss have been eliminated.

Why GBR14?


No more mass data losses

We encrypt each piece of data separately. If there is a hack, the loss is of that one piece of data – the rest of it remains safe. Financial, reputational and regulatory (e.g. GDPR) costs of a mass hack are eliminated.

Innovation in data use

Imagine being able to provide assured data from individually secured and encrypted assets to appropriately privileged users. We’re facilitating new ways for organisations to use information.

Enabler not restrictor

We believe that data security should be an enabler for organisations to get value from their data, not a restrictor. We make data security the basis for new data-driven products and processes.



We all know that mass data is a magnet for organised crime and trophy collecting hackers. We also know that massive data loss is expensive, painful and often commercially fatal.

Defensive tools like firewalls will always be flawed and at least one step behind the latest attack. Network security monitoring systems are at best only a burglar alarm; they tell you that you are being robbed.

Our approach is different.

We separately encrypt, and cryptographically separate, each individual database record, file, IoT device, and class of data. Our zero-knowledge methodology also means that every permission and privileged user is cryptographically separated from each other and as a result, a user-based compromise only compromises that user’s data.

We eliminate the risks and likelihood of mass data breaches.

User cases


Our technology has a wide range of uses across any organisation. Because we create a unique, encrypted digital identity for each person, privilege, asset, IoT device, vehicle, etc., our technology is not only a product that can stop mass loss of data, but it will also reduce your exposure to fines and reputational damage from non-compliance with the forthcoming GDPR. Our markets and customers include:


Maritime, law enforcement and military

Protecting your data and facilitating the use of data in innovative ways while safeguarding your assets

Utilities and telecoms

Facilitating real-time, secure managed access to live and stored data for managing assets, workforce access to asset-specific data, and customer service.

Banking, legal and insurance

Enabling shared access to a single data repository by employees, call centre staff, customers… removing the need to replicate data stores for differently privileged users


Asset Management

Being able to securely monitor the location, status and history of your physical assets enables you to manage them more effectively and facilitates using the associated data in your organisational processes to its maximum potential.

GBR14 provides a secure and easy to deploy asset identification mechanism that can be used with industry-standard asset management systems.

Each piece of asset data is individually encrypted, and each user is given an individual, specified right of access to the range of stored data. The data they are permitted to see is encrypted so that only they can receive it. The data they are not permitted to see is denied to them because they will not have the correct encryption keys.

As an example, a visiting support agent can have immediate access to the appropriate training files, historical maintenance reports, parts lists, update options. Similarly, o ff-site sales, support or asset management teams have immediate access and reports of the location, configuration, status or performance.


In the automotive industry, providing secure and controlled access to vehicle data is becoming increasingly critical to its use, operation and maintenance.

GBR14’s technology enables a wide range of categorised users to have access to a vehicle’s data, without compromising the safety or confidentiality of the owner, maintainer or manufacturer.

This might include:

  • Limited access for the end-user to set up infotainment systems and customise vehicle settings
  • Secured access to vehicle maintenance systems for approved service engineers and breakdown mechanics
  • Access to vehicle usage data for fleet managers, lease hire companies and auto-trade sales
  • Protected access to performance and usage data for manufacturer and development teams
  • Access to location and usage data for law enforcement agencies
  • Denial of access to data and controls by unapproved mechanics or auto-traders

About us


GBR14 applies proven cryptographic techniques to the global challenges of securing databases and applications. GBR14 makes cryptographic security an enabler for innovative data-driven business processes.


Working with technology partners, GBR14 delivers applications that use massive-scale crypto key management to eliminate the dangers of mass data-loss from hackers and organised crime.


Based in the UK and co-founded by an ex-UK government crypto-scientist, GBR14’s leadership team have over 65 years of combined experience in data security, crypto engineering, aerospace, and software engineering.


With applications in the security, military, telecoms, retail and banking industries, GBR14 is
dedicated to making data security an enabler rather than a restrictor of how information is
used and disseminated.

Meet the team

Peter Rogers

Peter Rogers

Chief Executive Officer

Peter is a high-tech entrepreneur who has also run major programmes and businesses for BT and QinetiQ. He has also led a series of SMEs specialising in audio (Aurix), video (Digital Barriers) and security sensors (Sentinor) serving markets as diverse as call centres, intelligence, defence and heritage. Peter brings decades of experience to GBR14 and is leading and positioning the company to take its unique technology into a wide range of markets

Dr Neil Cooke

Dr Neil Cooke

Chief Architect and co-founder

Neil co-founded GBR14 after a long and distinguished career in cryptography equipment design and architecture. Neil has a passion for all things technical – if something is difficult or believed to be impossible, Neil will have a go at. In semi-retirement now, he consults for Ultra Electronics as a crypto specialist helping them deliver the latest family of secure communications products to the UK Ministry of Defence.

John Jacob

John Jacob

Head of Technical Sales

John's background is in selling and delivering innovative technology solutions internationally. He has experience of all stages of solution delivery, and for the last ten years he has been involved in technical sales, benefits realisation, business consulting, implementation and support of speech analytics solutions. John has managed technical support and professional services teams, and with a strong background in digital signal processing and speech technology.

Kully Johal

Kully Johal

Chair and Co-founder

Kully has spent the last ten years working with startups and corporate venture capital backed businesses as an executive CFO, seed angel investor, mentor, coach and fund-raiser for a number of tech startups and early-stage businesses in the UK. With a hands-on approach, Kully's passion is to help founders make their businesses investment-ready. She created Amaryllis Ventures to give entrepreneurs access to investment, to an extensive business network, to help them develop their concept, and to mentor and coach them to ensure that both they, and their businesses, were investable.

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