Traditional approaches to data security, designed to prevent massive data breaches, are based on defensive tools and monitors.

The GBR14 approach is different because we use unique encryption keys for each individual data asset, database record, and access privilege.

Being able to manage cryptographic keys on a massive scale, our technology ensures that successful hacks only gain access to a very minimal subset of a dataset.

Our technology facilitates new and innovative ways of using data, based on the fact that the risks of mass data loss have been eliminated.

Why GBR14?


No more mass data losses

We encrypt each piece of data separately. If there is a hack, the loss is of that one piece of data – the rest of it remains safe. Financial, reputational and regulatory (e.g. GDPR) costs of a mass hack are eliminated.

Innovation in data use

Imagine being able to provide assured data from individually secured and encrypted assets to appropriately privileged users. We’re facilitating new ways for organisations to use information.

Enabler not restrictor

We believe that data security should be an enabler for organisations to get value from their data, not a restrictor. We make data security the basis for new data-driven products and processes.



We all know that mass data is a magnet for organised crime and trophy collecting hackers. We also know that massive data loss is expensive, painful and often commercially fatal.

Defensive tools like firewalls will always be flawed and at least one step behind the latest attack. Network security monitoring systems are at best only a burglar alarm; they tell you that you are being robbed.

Our approach is different.

We separately encrypt, and cryptographically separate, each individual database record, file, IoT device, and class of data. Our zero-knowledge methodology also means that every permission and privileged user is cryptographically separated from each other and as a result, a user-based compromise only compromises that user’s data.

We eliminate the risks and likelihood of mass data breaches.

About us


GBR14 applies proven techniques to the global challenges of securing cloud storage, databases and applications.
GBR14 makes cryptographic security an enabler for innovative data-driven business processes.


GBR14 is based in the UK.

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